The Oskarshamn 2 nuclear power plant in Sweden, which is jointly owned by E.ON and Fortum, is to get a new transformer to protect it from blackout-inducing solar storms.

<p>Oskarshamn&#0039;s owners have appointed ABB to deliver a three-limbed step-up transformer that will help immunize the nuclear power plant against the blackout-inducing solar flares that frequently plague it.<br /><br />The 825 MVA transformer&#0039;s three limbs, instead of the usual five, are expected to help improve availability, as well as protecting against solar flares or solar storms, which are also known as geomagnetic-induced currents (GICs).<br /><br />Solar flares unleash magnetic storms, which create geomagnetic currents that can enter power lines and transformers&#0039; neutral points. GICs can severely damage transformers and lead to costly voltage collapses. Norway is one of the countries particularly vulnerable to GICs.</p>