Power and automation technology group ABB will partner with Swiss distribution utility EKZ on an energy storage pilot project in Dietikon, Switzerland.

The companies will integrate the storage facility into EKZ’s power distribution network and the key areas of evaluation include balancing peak loads, intermittent power supply and the viability of such a solution for grid optimization.

ABB will supply and install a 1MW lithium-ion battery-based system with an initial capacity to store 350-500kWh of electricity providing additional power to the grid on demand.

The connection and behavior of grid-linked battery storage will be evaluated by EKZ, which will also monitor various operational and economic parameters.

The pilot project is expected to be energized by the end of this year when EKZ will take over the operations.

EKZ head of energy distribution Peter Franken said that this pilot project will help the companies to evaluate battery storage as an option to ensure a secure and reliable power supply.