The alliance partners will work towards developing a green hydrogen economy in the UAE

Mubadala-ADNOC and ADQ form alliance

Mubadala’s Khaldoon Khalifa Al Mubarak signing the MoU for the Abu Dhabi Hydrogen Alliance. (Credit: Mubadala Investment Company)

Mubadala Investment has joined forces with the Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC), and ADQ for creating the Abu Dhabi Hydrogen Alliance to develop a roadmap to fast track the UAE’s adoption and use of hydrogen across major sectors.

In this regard, the three Abu Dhabi-based stated-owned entities have signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU). The alliance will promote the use of hydrogen across utilities, mobility, and industry through their respective operating firms and also global partners.

The alliance partners will also collaborate for building a substantial green hydrogen economy in the UAE.

Additionally, the partners will align on their approach to global markets for projects developed under the Abu Dhabi Hydrogen Alliance. The goal of the alliance will be to make Abu Dhabi a dependable and secure supplier of hydrogen and its carriers to customers across the globe.

The partners will pursue green hydrogen opportunities through the alliance as well.

ADNOC will especially seek blue hydrogen projects by growing its existing hydrogen capacity by utilising its gas reserves and infrastructure, along with its customer relationships.

Mubadala Investment managing director and group CEO Khaldoon Khalifa Al Mubarak said: “As a responsible investor, we are actively engaged in a number of new energy investments that will contribute to more efficient and lower emission energy solutions. Hydrogen offers significant potential in this regard and with the renewables expertise and experience of Masdar, we are well placed to develop leadership in the green hydrogen value chain.

“Our engagement with ADNOC and ADQ is an important step in the establishment of the UAE’s hydrogen economy, and to align on technology, investment, the development of the domestic market and our approach to international partners and offtakers.”

Mubadala Investment will contribute to the alliance through its renewable energy subsidiary Masdar, and its network of global technology and investment partners.

On the other hand, ADQ will bring together its portfolio firms across the energy value chain to enable activities carried out by the new hydrogen alliance. ADQ’s companies that will play a part in the alliance include Abu Dhabi Ports, Abu Dhabi Airports, Abu Dhabi National Energy (TAQA), Etihad Rail, Etihad Steel, and Emirates Nuclear Energy Corporation (ENEC).

Following the creation of the alliance, Mubadala Investment has signed an MoU with Germany-based Siemens Energy for accelerating green hydrogen capabilities in Abu Dhabi.

Under the MoU and the Abu Dhabi Hydrogen Alliance, the first initiative will be to explore the possibility of developing a demonstrator plant at Masdar City. The plant is planned to be developed under a specific agreement that will involve Siemens Energy and Masdar, and other players in the green hydrogen value chain.

Masdar and other energy firms in the Mubadala Group will also work with Siemens Energy for using renewable energy to produce green hydrogen and synthetic fuels.

Siemens Energy Middle East managing director Dietmar Siersdorfer said: “Siemens Energy has pioneered this space, generating green hydrogen from renewable energy using proton exchange membrane electrolysis.

“We look forward to advancing and leveraging the many applications of green hydrogen, in partnership with Mubadala and the other key stakeholders throughout the hydrogen value chain, for the benefit of the UAE and the world.”