The Columboola project is expected to provide significant economic, social and environmental benefits and creates up to 400 jobs during construction


Image: Columboola project boosts clean energy generation in Queensland. Photo: Courtesy of Samuel Faber from Pixabay.

Power and energy storage products provider Luminous Energy has signed a contract to connect its 162MW Columboola solar project to the Queensland’s publicly-owned electricity grid.

The Columboola solar facility is located in Miles, approximately 33km north-west of Chinchilla in south-east Queensland, Australia, and is planned to be connected to the grid through Powerlink’s Columboola Substation.

Powerlink interim chief executive Kev Kehl said: “We have been partnering with the Luminous Energy project team over an extensive period of time to optimise their connection. Powerlink has delivered 13 connections for large-scale renewable projects across Queensland, representing more than 1,600MW of potential generation.”

Columboola project will boost clean energy generation in Queensland

The connection project involved works at Powerlink’s existing Columboola Substation and construction of approximately 2km of a transmission line.

In his statement, Energy Minister Anthony Lynham said that Queensland is accelerating renewables by currently operating 2.4GW of renewable energy capacity and additional committed 250MW.

Queensland already has 30 solar farms and more than 560,000 roof-top solar systems, with a combined generation capacity of more than 4GW.

According to Luminous, the solar facility is expected to provide economic, social and environmental benefits and creates up to 400 jobs during construction, and the substation and transmission line works are expected to create additional 17 jobs.

Once it is completed in early 2021, the project is expected to create approximately five permanent jobs during the operational phase.

In addition, the project would also provide benefits for local businesses through the hiring of local traders, contractors, plant equipment, and the use of local accommodation and services for construction.

Luminous Energy CEO Jolyon Orchard said: “We are proud to bring this significant supply of clean energy to a major demand centre of the grid. The project will significantly contribute to the Queensland Government’s goal of 50 per cent renewable energy by 2030.”

“The sophisticated electrical design of the plant will enable a robust flow of low carbon electricity to Queensland’s grid. It will also bring a considerable number of clean energy jobs to the Western Downs region and promote the growth of Queensland’s carbon free economy and skills sector.”