The drilling is being done utilising Kore owned mud rotary and diamond drill rigs

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Kore Potash begins drilling campaign at DX Project (Credit: Alex Banner from Pixabay)

Kore Potash plc (“the Company”),  the potash development company with 97%-ownership of the Kola and DX Potash Projects in the Sintoukola Basin, is pleased to announce that it has commenced the planned drilling programme for the Phase 1 of Definitive Feasibility Study (“DFS”) for the Company’s DX Project (“DX”).


· The drilling programme on Kore Potash’s DX Project consisting of the drilling and analysis of up to 5 new diamond drill holes has commenced – these will improve confidence in the value of DX

· The drilling is being done utilising Kore owned mud rotary and diamond drill rigs

· Phase One of the DX DFS is planned for completion in May 2021


The drilling campaign has been designed to provide additional intercepts of the targeted sylvinite horizons and improve confidence in the DX Mineral Resources and Ore Reserves.

Kore Potash acquired two drill rigs, a mud rotary and a diamond drill rig in 2019 and previously utilised these drill rigs to complete the DX PFS drilling programme. These drill rigs will be used for this current drilling programme.

The same team of drilling professionals have been contracted to carry out this drilling campaign as those that undertook the PFS drilling campaign. Their local knowledge and understanding of the drill rigs are a positive in terms of safely completing the drilling programme at the lowest cost.

Drilling Programme

The Company is planning to drill up to 5 additional diamond drill holes within the DX Deposit which sits within the Dougou Permit area.

The drilling programme is designed to improve confidence in the Mineral Resources and Ore Reserves of the DX Deposit.  The drill holes are designed to intersect the targeted potash seams approximately 400 metres below surface. The sylvinite seams at DX are at shallow depths compared to other potash deposits globally.

Drilling has commenced and two rotary drill holes will initially be drilled to the anhydrite layer that overlies the potash bearing “salt formation.” Once these two holes have reached this point a further drilling team will be mobilised to commence with the diamond drilling of core on these two holes, while the mud rotary rig continues to drill the upper parts of the next holes.

Brad Sampson, Chief Executive of Kore Potash, said:

“It is very pleasing to be able to commence this drilling programme at DX on time and as planned.”

“The majority of our drilling staff have been employed from the communities nearby the DX project area, and we are delighted to be able to find this capability locally  and to continue contributing to the local economy.”

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Source: Company Press Release