The revamp includes addition of two new units and decommissioning of five old units

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The five units to be decommissioned have a combined capacity of 3.1GW. (Credit: MonikaP from Pixabay)

JERA said that it is planning to construct two new LNG-fired units with a combined capacity of 1.3GW at the Chita Thermal Power Station in Japan, while decommissioning five ageing units.

The five units to be decommissioned have a combined capacity of 3.1GW.

After the revamp is over, which is slated for late 2027, the Chita Thermal Power Station will have three units in operation with a combined capacity of 2.15GW.

The thermal power station is located in the city of Chita in the Aichi Prefecture.

JERA said that it has submitted the primary environmental impact consideration document for the construction plan to the Japanese Minister of Economy, Trade, and Industry, the Governor of Aichi Prefecture, the Mayor of Chita City, and also to the Mayor of Tokai City.

According to JERA, its decision to revamp the power station is based on business conditions such as future electricity supply and demand.

Details of the revamp plan for the Chita Thermal Power Station

The new combined cycle generation units to be added will each have nearly 650MW capacity. As per the company, Unit 7 is planned to begin operations in August 2027, while Unit 8 is slated to be commissioned in December 2027.

The company stated: “In order to reduce carbon dioxide emissions, for new units 7 and 8 the Plan adopts the latest high-efficiency combined cycle power generation system (with gross thermal efficiency of approximately 63%).

“In addition, when the Plan has been carried out the environmental burden due to smoke and warm wastewater is expected to be lower than for operations at the existing facility.”

JERA will be decommissioning Unit 1 through Unit 5, starting from FY2021 till FY2026. The Chita Thermal Power Station began operations since 1966 through the commissioning of the 529MW Unit 1.

The Japanese firm, which is the operator of the thermal power station, will retain the 854MW Unit 6. The unit has been in operations since 1978.

JERA is a joint venture between Tokyo Electric and Chubu Electric, which is the owner of the Chita power station.