Innergex Renewable Energy has advanced to the Final Award Group in Hawaiian Electric Companies’ request for proposals for new renewable power generation.


Image: Ameresco wins contract to build energy project at Joint Base San Antonio in Texas. Photo: Courtesy of Andrew Beierle/

The proposed projects are a 30MW solar and 120MWh battery storage facility located on the island of Hawaii and a 15MW solar and 60MWh battery storage facility on the island of Maui. Both projects have a proposed commercial operation date of 2022. The proposals are now in the power purchase agreement negotiation phase, an important step that will need to be concluded before moving ahead with the permitting process.

Innergex president and CEO Michel Letellier said: “We are proud to have been selected to the Final Award Group in this competitive bidding process and are extremely excited to propose a project that includes battery storage as we think storage will play an important role in the future of renewable energy generation.

“We look forward to continuing to engage with the local communities where these future sites are proposed, introduce our team, provide information and address any concerns. It is important for Innergex to develop projects that are harmoniously integrated in the communities where they are located.”

The technological advancements in battery storage are changing the way utilities service their customers and gives them greater flexibility in managing their power needs. Innergex is committed to fully realizing the future of battery storage and will use its expertise and experience to bring this exciting technology into its growing portfolio of assets.

Source: Company Press Release