The German federal network agency received bids for a total of 1,095MW for the 650MW on offer


BNetzA awarded licences to build 677MW of renewable projects. (Credit: seagul from Pixabay)

German Federal Network Agency BNetzA has awarded licences to build 677MW of renewable energy projects in the oversubscribed innovation tender.

The innovation tender, which was held alongside regular auctions for new capacity, is intended to promote the combination of generation and storage activities, reported Reuters.

Under the innovation tender, BNetzA received bids for a total of 1,095MW for the 650MW on offer.

The tenders aim to reward storage technology in a bid to reduce stress on transport grids, due to the intermittency of green power the news agency reported.

Of the total bids, 50 bids of 310MW are related to individual solar systems whereas 83 bids totalling 785MW capacity are related to combination of systems, according to

BNetzA excluded 14 bids amounting to 71MW due to formal errors

However, due to formal errors, 14 bids amounting to 71MW were excluded by Germany’s network agency while a total of 73 bids with a total capacity of 677MW were successful.

Moreover, 28 projects with 394MW capacity were plant combinations, of which 27 comprise solar combined with storage.

Separately, BNetzA received 25 bids totalling 310MW for an onshore wind tender with 367MW on offer, reported.

The agency also received 163 bids for 675MW following a solar tender for 257MW, that was significantly oversubscribed. It accepted a total of 75 bids for 258MW of project.

The German network agency plans to launch tenders for onshore and solar wind energy on 1 October and 1 December 2020, respectively while the next innovation call is planned next year.