GE Power has been selected to provide electrical solutions for the planned Fengning pumped-storage hydroelectric plant located in the Hebei Province in China.


Image: GE will work with Andritz and Dongfang Electric to build the hydroelectric plant in China. Photo: courtesy of General Electric.

Under the contract, signed with ANDRITZ and Dongfang Electric Machinery, GE will be responsible for providing the variable speed technology which comprises two variable speed MV7000 converters.

The equipment will be used for installation at two 300MW generators, which are provided by Andritz.

Andritz Hydro electrical power systems vice-president Peter Amler said: “We have worked on various hydro projects in partnership with GE. Delivering this landmark project in China is another key achievement along our journey together to build more reliable and efficient clean hydro power.”

Participating in Phase 2 of the hydro power project, GE will also provide one static frequency converter for the rest of the four generators provided by Dongfang Electric Machinery.

The 3.6GW hydroelectric plant is expected to be the world’s largest pumped-storage power station with an annual power generation anticipated to be 3.4 terawatt hours.

GE’s Power Conversion business Industry, Power, Wind CEO Gagon Sood said: “Our partnership with ANDRITZ Hydro and Dongfang Electric Machinery Co., Ltd. is a great achievement, not only because it’s for the world’s largest hydro plant, but also because it marks the entrance of our variable speed pump technology in the Chinese market.

“We will bring more efficiency to hydro power production, which will help benefit the local community and support this world-class sporting event.”

The Fengning hydro project will feature variable speed technology, which is designed to provide a full range of speed required to pump water to the upper reservoir—when in the saving mode—or to release water to a lower reservoir to generate power, GE said.

The project, which is planned to provide power for Olympic Winter Games scheduled in China in 2022, will be the first of its kind in China to benefit from the variable speed technology, the firm noted.