With the acquisition, Eagle becomes an operator for nine facilities and holds a team of more than 200 employees, across all of Texas, the Rockies and MidCon


Image: The combined company is operated as Eagle Automation. Photo: Courtesy of rawpixel from Pixabay.

Eagle Automation, an automation and measurement solutions provider, announced the acquisition of Texas Energy Control Products, (TECP), a control panel fabricator and distributor of automation and measurement products and related assembly, operating across Texas and Oklahoma.

The acquisition is expected to strengthen Eagle’s capabilities in the Permian and MidCon, and expand its operations into South and Central Texas.

TECP is a partner for several O&G producers and midstream companies

Following its establishment in 1991, TECP has gained a reputation based on its customer service, control panel fabrication capabilities, combined with assembly and configuration of automation packages and product distribution.

Its assembly packages and modular panel designs are set to create consistency, saving time and money for its customers.

TECP founder and president Russell Abendroth said: “We are very excited about how a combined Eagle and TECP gives customers access to a broader product portfolio, applications engineering, and the field services support they so highly value.”

Following the transaction, the combined company is expected to offer the industry’s automation and measurement solutions, products, services and certified panel assembly, to support the customers in major US oil and gas basins.

The acquisition is expected to extend the supply chain management capabilities of Eagle throughout the operational footprint of TECP and provides value-added solutions to the existing TECP customers.

Eagle said that the combined company, operated as Eagle Automation, would benefit from the increased capabilities in automation and measurement architecture design and engineering services, through full facility installation, commissioning and maintenance of the wells and facilities.

Eagle Automation CEO Brandon Giles said: “Our two companies are a natural cultural and strategic fit, given we share a strong focus on supporting and solving our customers largest challenges. This acquisition enhances the capabilities and value we deliver to customers through end-to-end automation and measurement solutions.

“In the landscape of mostly small local players providing these services in each basin, Eagle now delivers the scale and cross-basin presence to bring a new level of consistent delivery, engineering support and professionalism to this growing and critical segment of oil and gas production operations.”