Parliamentary Ratification of the Mining License paves the way for secure and solid project development


63 km2 Namdini Mining Licence. (Credit: Cardinal Resources Limited)

Cardinal Resources Limited (ASX/TSX: CDV) (“Cardinal” or “the Company”) is very pleased to advise that its Namdini Mining Licence has officially received Sovereign Parliamentary Ratification in Ghana.


  • Parliamentary Ratification of the Mining License paves the way for secure and solid project development
  • The 63 kmMining Licence is granted for an initial term of 15 years and is renewable
  • The recently Expanded Mining Licence allows for further financial optimisation by repositioning infrastructure such as tailings storage facilities, stockpiles and waste dumps
  • Exploration potential enhanced within the expanded area along the Namdini shear to the south

Cardinal’s Chief Executive Officer / Managing Director, Archie Koimtsidis stated:

“It is most pleasing to have the Minister for Lands and Natural Resources and the Minerals Commission of Ghana support our Mining Licence which has led to the Sovereign Ratification of our Mining Licence by the Parliament of Ghana. This Ratification and the recent issuing of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Permit along with our Water Extraction Permit and Relocation Action Plan Approval, places the Namdini Gold Project into an extremely secure and solid position for development.”

“The Company would also like to acknowledge the Local Community, Traditional Council, Local and National Governments for their admirable support of the Namdini Gold Project.”

Namdini Mining Licence

A Large-Scale Mining Licence covering the Namdini Mining Licence was granted to Cardinal Namdini Mining Limited (“Cardinal Namdini”), by the Minister for Lands and Natural Resources under the Ghanaian Minerals and Mining Act 2006 (Act 703) in 2017.  Cardinal Namdini is a wholly owned subsidiary of Cardinal Resources Limited.

The Large-Scale Mining Licence originally covered 19km2 in the Dakoto area of the Talensi District in the Upper East Region of Ghana and has now been expanded to an area of 63 km2; the maximum allowable (Figure 1).

The expanded Large-Scale Mining Licence has been granted for an initial period of 15 years commencing in 2020 and is renewable (Figure 1).  Expansion of the Large-Scale Mining Licence will allow Cardinal to improve and de-risk mine and infrastructure design and optimise financial outcomes as the Company continues to progress the FEED programme.

Source: Company Press Release