Bechtel is a trusted engineering, construction and project management partner to industry and government


Bechtel chairman and CEO Brendan Bechtel at the opening of New York City office. (Credit: Bechtel.)

Bechtel, the top-ranked¬†engineering and construction company in the U.S., has opened a new office in New York City to support local leaders in solving the region’s infrastructure challenges.

On Thursday, Bechtel held a reception marking its new presence in Manhattan on Broadway. Bechtel Chairman and CEO Brendan Bechtel discussed the company’s commitment to the region before an audience of more than 100:

“Big cities around the world are coping with congestion, the effects of climate change, and aging infrastructure, and nowhere are these challenges more complex than in New York. Our goal is to be a partner in helping New York realize its vision of reducing carbon emissions, improving transportation, expanding its digital technology and ensuring equal access to safe, reliable infrastructure.

“We look forward to matching our global expertise with the skills and talents of New Yorkers to help customers deliver the equity, sustainability, and resiliency that improve people’s lives.”

Bechtel’s New York team is led by Keith Sibley, who has led many infrastructure projects in big cities in North American and Europe.

Keith recently managed a major subway extension in Toronto, Canada. Prior to that, Keith worked in England on a new 62 miles-plus railway beneath London, and a series of station upgrades across the London’s historic underground “tube” network. He previously managed a large-scale expansion at McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas, and tunnels, bridges, and rail projects in Boston.

“Bechtel has significant experience supporting New York with new insight, technology, and solutions for connecting the region. We look forward to collaborating with the local community to address the needs of the next generation of infrastructure,” said Sibley.

Over Bechtel’s 122-year history, the company has been a trusted partner in delivering some of America’s signature infrastructure, such as the San Francisco Bay Area Rapid Transit system (BART), Ivanpah Solar Electric Generating System in the Mojave Desert, and Washington, D.C.’s Metrorail system and phase one of its Silver Line.

Source: Company Press Release