Almach has launched a new portal that helps large energy end users to source renewable energy.


Image: Almach launches new portal that lets large energy users to source renewable energies. Photo: Courtesy of Almach.

The industrial and commercial sectors in the UK and globally, which account for two thirds of the world’s end-use of electricity, will be able to save money and meet their sustainability/climate change objectives more easily by using a new online renewable energy procurement platform.

Provides access to renewable energy projects

Launched today and developed by Almach, a London renewable energy strategy consultancy, the RE-search ( portal links large corporate energy users, including government agencies, local councils and other public sector organisations, with renewable project owners/developers. It offers a quick and easy energy procurement tool that identifies and secures long-term renewable energy supply via corporate Power Purchase Agreements and short-term solutions through renewable energy certificates (RECs).

Almach managing director Juan Pablo Cerda said: “Our Re-Search portal accelerates and simplifies the renewable energy procurement process for major energy users. Based on our experience of working with corporate energy buyers, we identified a need to provide a clear, transparent view of renewable energy projects available around the world, whilst helping corporates reduce the costs and complexity of their clean energy sourcing and meet their sustainability and climate change policy objectives.”

“The process of identifying suitable projects can be expensive and extremely lengthy and often a deal will not be concluded. RE-search is free to use and will allow corporates to filter out projects that do not meet their specific requirements, be it size, start date, technology or location. This effectively creates a shortlist of relevant projects, saving buyers’ time and resources by connecting them with those developers that can deliver what they need.”

For corporate buyers who require a formal market tender, the RE-search platform also offers a simplified request for information (RFI) process that will dramatically reduce the time and cost of undertaking a formal market assessment.

Supporting renewable energy developers

Equally important, Re-search supports renewable energy developers to showcase their projects in one place, creating the liquidity and transparency that is currently missing across many global energy markets. With the removal of government subsidies in key markets, the ability to have a simple, reliable platform to connect with corporates is increasingly a key factor to a project’s success.

Connecting large end energy users and developers

Juan Pablo Cerda said: “We’re keen to shake up the way corporates and projects get connected in a very positive way, for both sides of the deal. With more and more large-scale corporates moving to 100% renewables, we will see increased investment in the sector worldwide that will help contribute towards global climate objectives.”

“Almach has relationships with hundreds of renewable developers worldwide, and the main issue they face is successfully marketing their projects to corporate off-takers and identifying which businesses are serious buyers and which are ‘window shopping’. There is also a lack of meaningful data around buying trends available to developers, so this, coupled with direct feedback on the competitiveness of their offering, is very valuable information. RE-search provides a solution.”

Access to REC’s and renewable energy data insights

To enhance the RE-search offering, Almach has partnerships with South Pole and Cornwall Insight to provide data, access to REC’s and future energy price benchmarks. This will allow businesses to quickly build the business case for renewable energy procurement and make informed decisions.

South Pole CEO Renat Heuberger said: “As one of the leading developers of RECs projects worldwide, South Pole is pleased to partner with Almach to offer a wide selection of RECs from many countries through the RE-search platform.

“By gathering PPA and REC solutions in one place, RE-search provides corporates with a streamlined and flexible approach to meeting their renewable energy needs in almost any country in the short and long-term.”

Source: Company Press Release