The move is due to concerns for Alamo's French employees and in response to recent directives issued by the French government


Alamo Group has temporarily closed French operating facilities. (Credit: Khusen Rustamov from Pixabay)

Alamo Group announced that it will temporarily close its French operating facilities due to concerns for Alamo’s French employees and in response to recent directives issued by the French government outlining strict measures regarding coronavirus (COVID-19) containment.  This temporary closure includes the following facilities:

Alamo’s facility in Daumeray, France, which produces vacuum trucks, high pressure cleaning systems and trenchers under the Rivard brand with its approximately 400 employees;

Alamo’s facility in Neuville, France, which produces hedge and grass cutting equipment under the Rousseau and SMA brands with its approximately 150 employees; and
Alamo’s facility in Peschadoires, France, which produces replacement parts under the Forges Gorce brand with its approximately 20 employees.

The Rivard facility in Daumeray temporarily halted its operations on Tuesday March 17, 2020, while the Neuville and Peschadoires locations will temporarily cease operations beginning on Thursday March 19, 2020.

It is currently anticipated that these plant closures will continue for the later of two weeks or until such time as coronavirus impacts are mitigated to an extent which allow for the commencement of full or partial plant operations. Despite these general closures, there are a limited number of personnel on-site at Alamo’s French locations and working remotely in order to maintain security and to meet emergency customer needs for spare parts and to handle urgent customer questions.

Source: Company Press Release