The BESS technology at the Alamitos facility comprises Advancion 5 batteries from Fluence


Alamitos BESS is designed to provide up to 400MWh of energy. (Credit: Pit Karges from Pixabay)

US-based electric power distribution firm AES has commissioned the Alamitos battery energy storage system (BESS) in Long Beach, California, US.

The company claimed that Alamitos battery storage system is one of the world’s large-scale battery storage systems currently operating.

BESS is a stand-alone energy storage facility for local capacity, and is designed to provide up to 400MWh of energy to ensure green and reliable power to Southern California Edison (SCE) customers.

The project is expected to provide Southern California with reliable power during times of peak demand, in addition to increasing the adoption of renewable energy by SCE customers, said the company.

AES California market business leader Mark Miller said: “With the commissioning of the Alamitos BESS, the State of California moves closer to its goal of a more sustainable and reliable energy future. AES is proud to work together with Southern California Edison to accelerate the adoption of this greener, smarter energy technology.”

AES Alamitos BESS backed by 20-year PPA with SCE

Located at the AES Alamitos Energy Centre, the AES Alamitos BESS is supported through a 20-year power purchase agreement (PPA) with SCE.

The BESS technology at the Alamitos facility comprises Advancion 5 batteries from Fluence, a joint venture between AES and Siemens that offer energy storage and technologies.

Once fully charged, the batteries are capable of suppling power to tens of thousands of homes in milliseconds.

AES has recently announced the merger of solar energy provider sPower into its AES Clean Energy business, which is currently managing the projects that are operational, under construction and under development, including the operation of approximately 2.5GW of renewable projects

Fluence chief operating officer John Zahurancik said: “Energy storage is the linchpin of a modern, resilient and sustainable electric grid.

“Working with innovative power sector leaders like SCE and AES, Fluence is proud to deliver our advanced technologies to supply critical local power capacity in a mature urban area where it is most needed to bring clean, reliable and affordable power to homes and businesses in Southern California.”