The Hin Kong power plant is a 1.4GW gas-fired, combined-cycle power project being developed in the Ratchaburi province of Thailand.

The gas-fired power plant will be built by Hin Kong Power Company, a special purpose joint venture between RATCH Group Public Company (51%) and Gulf Energy Development Public Company (49%).

The construction works on the project are expected to be started in June 2021 with the commissioning of units one and two scheduled by March 2024 and January 2025 respectively.

At full capacity, the gas-fired power generation facility is expected to offset up to seven million tonnes (Mt) of CO2 emissions a year.

Location and site details

The Hin Kong combined-cycle power project is located in the Hin kong sub-district of the Muang district, in the Ratchaburi province of Thailand.

The project site occupies approximately 40ha and lies approximately 100km west of Bangkok.

Hin Kong power plant make-up

The Hin Kong power plant will comprise two combined-cycle generating units of 700MW capacity each.

Each unit will be equipped with a M701 JAC gas turbine from Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI).

The M701 JAC gas turbines measure 16.7m-long, 6.5m-wide, and 6.9m-high. It adopts air cooling for combustors with a turbine inlet temperature of 1,600ºC.

It comes with a 15-stage compressor with an air-cooled combustor having 22 cans. The four-stage turbine is equipped with a single rotor with a rated speed of 3,000 rotations per minute (rpm).

Natural gas consumption

The Hin Kong power project will utilise up to 1.4 million tonnes (Mt) of natural gas annually for power generation.

Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC) approved Hing Kong Power Company to acquire LNG shipper license for procurement of natural gas in May 2020.

Power purchase agreement

RATCH Group Public Company signed a power purchase agreement (PPA) with Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand (EGAT) in July 2019. The power supply agreement will be effective for a period of 25 years.

Contractors involved

A consortium of MHI Power Project (Thailand) Company, Sino-Thai Engineering and Construction Public Company, and Mitsubishi Power Company was awarded a full turnkey  engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) contract for the Hin Kong power project in September 2020.

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, which will supply the gas turbines, also signed a 25-year long term service agreement (LTSA) for the power plant in the same month.

Sino-Thai Engineering and Construction Company’s scope of work includes the civil, mechanical, electrical, instrumentation, and equipment installation works for the power plant as well as the utilities works including the gas pipeline and metering station. The contract is valued at £216.44m ($277.64m).

Consultants of Technology carried out the second public participation meeting for the revised draft environmental impact assessment (EIA) report of Hin Kong power project in October 2019.

Hin Kong power project background

The Hin Kong gas power project is being developed to replace the 700MW Trio Energy combined-cycle power plant which has been operational since July 2000.

The Trio Energy gas-fired plant is powered by two units GE’s 9FA turbines and it receives the natural gas supply from the Yadana and the Yetagun gas fields of Myanmar.

RATCH Group announced the decommissioning of the Tri Energy power plant in July 2020 after the expiry of the power purchase agreement with EGAT in June 2020.

Hin Kong combined-cycle power project is being constructed in the premises of Tri Energy power plant, which will be dismantled by July 2021.

The EIA report of the Hin Kong power project was approved by Thailand’s Natural Resources and Environmental Policy and Planning Office in July 2020.

Gulf Energy Development Public Company signed a share purchase agreement with RATCH Group for the development of the Hin Kong gas-fired power project in January 2020.