The international Implico Group starts the rollout of SAP OGSD (SAP Oil & Gas Secondary Distribution) – the all-in-one industry solution for downstream sector businesses – at Maxum Petroleum, a leading independent energy logistics company that distributes a comprehensive range of transportation fuels, lubricants, and related products and services to customers in 48 states and Panama. Maxum will also be deploying CPR (Continuous Product Replenishment). Developed in-house by Implico, this add-on enables optimum fleet capacity utilization, thus significantly reducing freight costs.

Founded in 2004, Maxum Petroleum is based in Greenwich, Connecticut. Originally comprising twelve companies, the company launched its "Project 1" in 2008 with the aim of uniting these under one brand. One primary focus of this project was the consolidation of the various IT systems. Here, the company decided to place its trust in Implico’s long-standing industry expertise and to roll out SAP OGSD across the whole corporation. Developed by Implico and marketed by SAP, the end-to-end industry solution provides optimum support for all commercial processes in the oil and gas industry.

Implico’s oil and gas experts will also be installing extra functionality for Maxum Petroleum with the CPR add-on. This add-on offers additional methods for periodic resupply and consumption forecasts, thus increasing the precision of both these processes. The add-on also enables Maxum Petroleum to achieve optimal fleet utilization and thus reduce freight costs.

In an estimated 6 months, Maxum staff in 44 US states will be able to start working with SAP OGSD and the Implico add-on CPR.

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