After the success of Pingshan phase I project, the shell construction of the Phase II cooling tower has been completed. Pingshan II, designed by Hamon, is now the largest and tallest cooling tower in the world, rising to 210 m above ground level. The previous record was held by the two cooling towers of Kalisindh power plant in India (8m shorter).

Pingshan power plant is a coal fired power station located in Anhui province, China. Phase I was composed of two ultra-supercritical units of 660 MW (1,320 MW). Phase II will increase the performance and boost the total output power with 1,350 MW; allowing a total output power of 2,370 MW.

It is the most powerful coal fired unit ever built, the cooling tower has exceptional characteristics as well:

  • • External base diameter: Ø174 m
  • • External exhaust diameter: Ø98 m
  • • 35 000 m³ of fill


Similarly to phase I, the new cooling tower is equipped with a flue gas duct to release the cleaned flue gas coming from the gas scrubber.