As part of the contract, Weatherford will deploy its Magnus rotary steerable system to help boost offshore production for the ADNOC subsidiary in the UAE


The Weatherford Magnus rotary steerable system is said to be compatible with all standard drill-bit designs (Credit: Weatherford International plc)

Weatherford International has secured a directional drilling contract worth $220m (£176.5m) from the Abu Dhabi Company for Offshore Petroleum Operations (ADNOC Offshore).

Under the three-year contract, the oilfield service company will help ADNOC Offshore in boosting its offshore production in the UAE through its directional drilling services.

In this connection, the company will deploy the Weatherford Magnus rotary steerable system in re-entry wells and also new wells.

According to the oilfield services provider, the Magnus rotary steerable system addresses operators’ requirement for speed without compromising on directional control.

The company claimed that its rotary steerable system has unique design elements which include a true inclination hold, making it one of the best in the market for maximising reservoir exposure and monetising the value of the well.

Features of the Weatherford Magnus rotary steerable system

Launched in April 2018, the Magnus rotary steerable system is said to combine reliable, high-performance drilling with precise directional control. The push-the-bit tool has been designed to be used in almost any drilling scenario, including high doglegs.

The main features of the Magnus rotary steerable system are fully independent pad control, real-time BHA diagnostics, a fully rotating bias unit with minimal bottomhole-assembly (BHA) stabilisation, and autopilot functionality.

The rotary steerable system is claimed to be made up of various modular components to enable quick and easy maintenance, even in remote locations.

Weatherford Arabian Sea geozone vice president Tony Azizi said: “Operations in some of the world’s most challenging geophysical environments are proving Magnus’ ability to deliver very accurate wellbore placement and wellbore quality, in conditions requiring vertical, lateral or curved directional drilling.

“Magnus’ independently controllable and addressable steering pads, in tandem with its unique modular design, allow for increased reliability, improved utilisation, efficient turn-around time of idle assets and local repair, all of which will drive greater benefits for ADNOC Offshore.”

Earlier this month, the oilfield service company signed a five-year corporate procurement agreement with Saudi Aramco. Under the agreement, the company will supply cementation, completions, solid expandables, liners, and casing exit technologies to the Arabian oil and gas giant.