The new Vizzini Wind Farm has 28 wind turbines, installed capacity of 23.8MW and an estimated annual output of 41 million kilowatt hours, equivalent to the energy needed to supply a town of around 10,000 inhabitants.

The wind power plant has been built in line with Endesa’s development plan, under which the company envisions the installation of 400MW of wind farms in Italy through to 2010.

Endesa said that this wind farm will result in environmental benefits in the form of annual savings of approximately 4,300 tonnes of oil and 27,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions.

The new wind farm, investment in which totaled E31 million, was inaugurated by Endesa’s chairman, Manuel Pizarro, and Italian member of parliament Cintia Dato.

Endesa also has a wind farm under construction in Trapani, Sicily, with 32.3MW of installed capacity, and has signed a call option agreement to develop a new, 30MW facility on the island.