Vistra Energy announced its latest retail electricity product, TXU Energy Pure Solar, which will provide residential customers easy access to solar power.


Image: Vistra Energy offers solar power to customers. Photo: Courtesy of Jukka Niittymaa/Pixabay.

All of the energy purchased comes from solar farms, including the company’s Luminant Upton 2 Solar Power Plant, Texas’ largest solar facility. This innovative retail product further delivers on Vistra Energy’s strategic plan to market enhanced retail solar offerings made possible by the company’s integrated business model.

“This is a great example of how both sides of our business work together – we can couple our retail business with our commercial operations, meeting our retail needs with generation development,” said Jim Burke, chief operating officer of Vistra Energy. “We continue to see increased customer demand for solar, but some customers have found it difficult to get the solar power they want because rooftop panels aren’t an option. This retail product gives those customers what they want, in a way that is simple and easy.”

TXU Energy customers can now turn any electricity plan into a renewable solar plan with TXU Energy Pure Solar. This value-add allows customers to continue to choose the plan that’s right for them, based on the way they use electricity, but now they can also choose solar energy. Customers can add TXU Energy Pure Solar to any plan for a nominal fee and ensure that solar energy is being produced and delivered to the ERCOT grid in amounts equal to their energy usage.

“This product brings affordability and flexibility to those customers who want to use solar, but who don’t want a 20-year commitment, like you get with rooftop panels. Plus, there’s no installation needed, and no maintenance required from the customer. We’re especially excited for our customers in apartments and lease agreements to be able to take advantage of this product,” Burke added.

TXU Energy Pure Solar is a first-of-its-kind offering in Texas. Known for its innovation and its desire to give customers what they want, TXU Energy’s renewable portfolio of offerings is the most comprehensive in ERCOT, with eight products, many of which were first-to-market. Other renewable energy firsts include its popular 100% renewable Free Nights and Solar Days plan, community solar through TXU Energy Solar Club, and its 100% solar plan called TXU Energy Solar Advantage.

Source: Company Press Release