Van Oord and NYK have agreed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to jointly own and operate offshore wind installation vessels under the Japanese flag. The collaboration is using Van Oord’s technical and operational expertise in offshore wind and NYK Group’s knowledge of the Japanese market.
Offshore wind installation vessels
The vessels will be used for the transport and installation of both the foundations and wind turbines for offshore wind farms. In addition to the collaboration for offshore installation vessels, NYK and Van Oord are also exploring opportunities to collaborate on other types of vessels required for the construction and operation of offshore wind farms.
Japanese offshore wind market
In response to the growing offshore wind market in Japan, a new law came into force in April 2019 that aims to facilitate the development of offshore wind projects in Japan. As a result, demand within the offshore wind market is expected to increase. Challenges for the development of offshore wind in Japan include the lack of resources (experienced workforce and specialised equipment required for the installation of the large foundations and turbines for offshore wind farms). By joining forces, NYK and Van Oord intend to meet these challenges and contribute to the successful development of offshore wind as a sustainable energy source for Japanese society.

As a market leader, Van Oord has been involved in over 40 offshore wind projects as Engineering Procurement Construction and Installation (EPCI) contractor in Europe, where the offshore wind industry is already well developed. With over 15 years of experience within the offshore wind market, the knowledge of its people and its specialised offshore wind equipment, Van Oord is able to contribute to the Japanese offshore wind market.

The NYK Group manages and operates more than 700 vessels, both internationally and locally. The group has ample experience in reflagging vessels to and operating vessels under the Japanese flag. This is a requirement for offshore wind contractors when working in Japanese territorial waters.

Van Oord and NYK are both present at the WindExpo 2020 in Tokyo, Japan. Meet Van Oord at stand A 22-10.