The delivery of the biomass pretreatment system is expected to take place in 2020


Image: PRAJ and Valmet team at the PRAJ office in Pune, India. Photo: courtesy of Valmet.

Finnish automation solutions provider Valmet has secured an order from Praj Industries for the delivery of biomass pretreatment system.

The biomass system will be installed in Praj’s second-generation biorefinery project which is under execution in India.

The delivery is expected to take place in 2020. However, the value of the order  has not been disclosed by the company.,

Valmet’s biomass conversion technology unit, pulp and energy sales manager Tomas Jonsson said: “We are very proud to play an important role in the transition away from fossil fuel, that is happening also in India.

“For many years, Valmet has focused on developing technologies for the emerging biotechnologies.

“We look forward to continue the excellent collaboration with PRAJ and we believe the second-generation ethanol demand will increase in Asia and worldwide.”

The scope of the order for Valmet includes the supply of one biomass pretreatment system.

Presently, the India-based engineering company Praj is working on the first batch of four second-generation integrated biorefinery projects in the country, which have been contracted by major oil marketing companies.

Valmet bags first commercial-sized order in Asia

The order is Valmet’s first commercial-sized order in Asia for second-generation ethanol and the company’s first to Praj. The company will deliver machinery, engineering and site services from Sweden and India.

In April, Valmet secured an order from Biomasse Energie d’Alizay to convert a recovery boiler into a biomass boiler at DA Alizay mill in France.

Under the contract, the company will utilise bubbling fluidized bed combustion technology (BFB) for the conversion.

Valmet is expected to deliver the boiler by 2020 and the plant is expected to start in 2020.

Biomasse Energie d’Alizay is planning to begin producing steam and electricity from biomass at the existing power plant. The contract received by Valmet also includes the delivery of a complete Valmet DNA automation system for the power plant, including steam network optimization with the paper mill.