Biomasse Energie d’Alizay is planning to start producing steam and electricity from biomass at the existing power plant.

Valmet said that 50MWe electricity will be produced from the plant, along with production of process steam for the paper mill.

Under the present order, the company will convert the existing recovery boiler into a biomass boiler utilizing bubbling fluidized bed combustion technology (BFB).

Valmet pulp and energy business line rebuilds and conversions director Jouko Kylänpää said: “Valmet is the leader in BFB conversion with more than 60 references over the past 30 years, including boilers initially manufactured by third parties. It is very efficient and cost-saving way to modernize and prolong the lifetime of high-capex plants to serve the customers’ future needs.”

The contract also include the delivery of a complete Valmet DNA automation system for the power plant, including steam network optimization with the paper mill.

The company is expected to deliver the boiler by 2020 and the plant is expected to start in 2020.

Biomasse Energie d’Alizay is a subsidiary of DA Alizay,which employs approximately 180 people and has an annual production capacity of 300,000 tons of paper.

In October 2018, Valmet received a contract to supply a biomass boiler to Greenalia’s new Curtis-Teixeiro biomass power plant in Teixeiro, Spain.

The order was placed by ACCIONA Industrial and Imasa, a Spanish EPC contractor joint venture for the plant. The biomass power plant’s takeover is scheduled for January 2020

The plant is expected to use forest biomass, primarily eucalyptus and pine wood to generate energy. The Curtis-Teixeiro plant is set to increase the energy generation from renewable sources, and help contribute to the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions.