Valmet said that it has received order for 21 Valmet Total Solids Measurements (Valmet TS) with high-pressure (PN100) option. The measurement unit are expected to provide benefits in the form of polymer and energy savings, and more effective use of dewatering centrifuges.

In addition, the optimization of dry-cake total solids is expected to offer better utilization of solids transportation capacity and incineration.

Valmet said that the present order was included in its first quarter 2019 orders received and the measurements are expected to be delivered in May 2019.

Valmet’s local distributor Zexi Environmental Protection Technology technical manager Tang Jinzhong said: “Valmet TS is a reliable online measurement device, it will help the wastewater treatment plant to save polymer dosing, as well as to monitor dryness of the dry cake.”

Established in 2008, the Shanghai Bailonggang Wastewater treatment plant is a large-scale wastewater treatment plants that serves approximately 3.56 million people in Asia, with a capacity of 2 million cubic meters per day.

Valmet automation business channel manager line Kevin Li said: “It is a repeat order from this customer. Based on the successful Valmet TS application in the plant, our customer trusts Valmet’s technology and the product. We are confident that our solids measurement systems and innovative technology will offer reliability to the end customer when optimizing their wastewater treatment plants.”

Separately, Valmet has received a repeat automation technology order from GS EPS for Phase 2 of a large-scale capacity biomass power plant, the Dangjin 4 Biomass Power Plant, which is under construction in the city of Dangjin, close to Seoul in South Korea.

In 2014-2015, Valmet provided automation services for the phase 1 of the Dangjin 4 Biomass Power Plant and in a similar way, the new power plant will have a capacity of 105MW and run 100% on wood chips.

Once operational, the new Dangjin unit is claimed to become one of the largest biomass power plants in Asia.