Twin Metals Minnesota (TMM) today announced it has formally submitted its mine project proposal to state and federal agencies. This marks the culmination of more than a decade of engineering, hydrogeological, environmental and engagement work including the evaluation of dozens of project configurations and technologies that maximize environmental protection.

The submittal includes a Mine Plan of Operations issued to the U.S. Bureau of Land Management and a Scoping Environmental Assessment Worksheet Data Submittal issued to the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources.

“I truly believe the Twin Metals project will be a model for modern, sustainable and environmentally responsible underground mining,” said Kelly Osborne, TMM chief executive officer. “We’ve pulled together the best professionals in the industry who’ve put in thousands of hours to make this an extraordinary Project, and I’m proud to lead this team.”

Submission of the project starts a multi-year scoping and environmental review process that will thoroughly evaluate this proposal. The review process will include additional baseline data collection, impact analyses, and multiple opportunities for public input.

“We look forward to a robust period of engagement with federal, tribal and state governments and the public as we move into scoping and environmental review,” said Julie Padilla, TMM chief regulatory officer. “Submittal of our proposal marks the very beginning of that process, and we are confident that it will ultimately result in the best outcomes for this project and for Minnesota.”

The Twin Metals project will be Minnesota’s first underground mining operation since the closure of Ely’s Pioneer Mine in 1967. The construction phase of the project will require several million labor hours under a project labor agreement already in place with the Iron Range Building and Construction Trades Council. Once the mine is operational, it will bring more than 700 new full-time, skilled positions and 1,400 spinoff jobs to the region. Investment in the project to date is over $450 million and is expected to amount to approximately $1.7 billion through construction of the mine. The project would provide additional economic benefit by generating revenue for state and federal governments from taxes and mineral royalties.

The state of Minnesota is a leader in both mining development and regulation to ensure strong environmental and labor standards. TMM is dedicated to designing, building, operating, and closing a mine that employs industry best practices and meets or exceeds all state and federal environmental standards.