SUEZ, a prominent figure in water management, has recently finalised an agreement for the Buaran III Water Treatment Plant (WTP) project located in Jakarta, Indonesia. Under this contract, the company will furnish essential equipment for the water treatment process and extend technical advisory services for the installation and commissioning of the Buaran III facility. This new WTP in Jakarta aims to bolster the city’s water supply system’s resilience, ensuring a secure, dependable, and sustainable water source for the surrounding communities.

Currently, Jakarta’s Water Treatment Plants (WTPs) have the capacity to treat 1.47 million cubic meters daily, catering to 65% of the urban areas with potable water. The city administration has set a target of achieving 100% coverage of clean water for urban areas by 2030. To meet the escalating demand, plans are underway to construct new WTPs capable of processing an additional 960,000 cubic meters per day. The anticipated completion of the Buaran III WTP in the first half of 2025 will significantly propel progress toward this objective. This new facility is poised to supply an extra 260,000 cubic meters of clean water daily to communities in Jakarta, representing approximately 28% of the incremental capacity required to attain the 2030 target.

During Jakarta’s rainy season, the turbidity of raw water can experience substantial degradation, leading to a significant impact on the availability of clean water in urban communities. As the primary technology provider for this initiative, SUEZ will supply critical equipment for the water treatment process and offer technical advisory services for installation and commissioning. SUEZ’s patented Densadeg™ settler and Aquazur® V filter will be utilized in an innovative manner to guarantee the project’s water treatment capacity and quality. Notably, this marks the inaugural deployment of Densadeg technology in Southeast Asia.

SUEZ Water and R&R Asia CEO Francois Fevrier said: “We’re delighted to establish a new partnership in Jakarta. We’re proud of this milestone and thankful for our customers’ and partners’ trust. We look forward to the Buaran III Water Treatment Plant’s completion, a testament to our strong legacy and footprint in Southeast Asia. This project reflects our dedication to creating value with technological solutions for our customers, over the entire lifecycle of their assets and services.”

Since 1953, SUEZ has been instrumental in the construction of numerous water and wastewater treatment plants throughout Indonesia, championing water services across Southeast Asia. Its operations have expanded to encompass Vietnam, Thailand, the Philippines, and Singapore. Concurrently, SUEZ has consistently enhanced its local knowledge and proficiency in water and waste management services, striving for excellence in the sector and advocating for the advancement of the circular economy.