Under a contract, Suez will conduct leak detection across 700km of drinking water networks in Qatar


Suez will conduct leak detection across 700km of drinking water networks in Qatar. Photo courtesy of Laree Umbah from Pixabay.

French environmental services provider Suez has won three new contracts to improve performance of water distribution systems. and landfill maintenance in the Middle East.

In Qatar and Oman, the company secured its first smart water contracts to optimise water distribution systems.

The contract in Qatar has been awarded by Qatar General Electricity and Water Corporation (Kahramaa), the authority responsible for power and potable water distribution.

Under the contract, Suez will conduct leak detection across 700km of drinking water networks in the country.

The French company will use its new acoustic technology, which will record the signature sound generated by a leak, anomaly or an air pocket. When analysed with a software, the sound will be helpful in locating the anomaly and determine its size and the information can be used to schedule required maintenance work across the networks.

In Oman, Diam, the public water authority had selected Suez for a one-year contract to optimise energy consumption of Muscat’s drinking water production and distribution system.

Using its AQUADVANCED Energy software, the company will carry out the modeling of the data collected from the water distribution system, the calculation of water consumption forecasts and energy prices in real time, to define optimised pumping strategies that are implemented automatically.

The contract will help in securing the 24/7 operation of the drinking water system, while cutting operating costs and conserving infrastructures.

Suez will help convert nearly 2,200 tons of municipal solid waste into biogas

The French company was also selected by Oman Environmental Services Holding Company (Be’ah) to provide five-year operation & maintenance services at Barka engineered sanitary Landfill in South Al-Batinah in Oman. Suez will oversee the reception and landfilling of 2,200 tonnes of municipal solid waste daily.

The facility also includes implementing a biogas extraction and disposal system and a Membrane Bioreactor (MBR) plant for treating leachates.

Suez International Division Senior Executive vice president Ana Giros Calpe said: “We are proud of these successes which confirm our ambition to position the Group on fast growing-markets, leveraging on our regional footprint mainly infrastructures driven. SUEZ has already strong references in the region, where it has built around fifteen drinking water and wastewater treatment plants, including the Barka 4 desalination plant (281,000m³ water/day).

“Thanks to our innovation and technical expertise, we diversify our activities on Smart water services market and Waste market. In addition to these three contracts, SUEZ is also active in soil remediation having completed the Al Karaana Lagoons rehabilitation in Qatar, 6 months ahead of schedule.”