UK-based energy company SSE has secured more than 1.1GW of contracts for hydroelectric, pumped storage, battery storage and onshore wind units, in the latest T-4 capacity auction.

SSE has secured agreements for a total of 46 hydroelectric, pumped storage, battery storage and onshore wind units, for 1,148MW of de-rated electricity generation capacity.

The 46 renewable energy projects are located across 35 sites in Scotland and England.

The awards are part of an overall 5.7GW of de-rated capacity agreements which the company has secured across its renewables and thermal fleet, including joint venture interests.

SSE Renewables has secured provisional one-year contracts for 1,074MW of de-rated hydro electricity generation and pumped storage capacity at 29 hydro sites in the Scottish Highlands.

It includes 36.5MW of capacity at the Sloy scheme, 30MW of capacity at the Tummel power station and 283MW of pumped storage capacity at Foyers.

The company has secured 11MW of a one-year contract for three onshore wind farms in Scotland, including 2MW Artfield Fell, 2MW Drumderg and 7MW Hadyard Hill wind farms.

It has also secured 15-year agreements for three under-construction battery storage sites in Northern England, at Monk Fryston (32MW), Ferrybridge (15MW) and Fiddler’s Ferry (15MW).

SSE intends to deliver the three projects as part of its 1.2GW secured pipeline of utility-scale battery and solar projects across the UK and Ireland.

The Ferrybridge and Fiddler’s Ferry sites were previously coal-fired power stations, and the contracts indicate the repurposing of historic energy locations for a net zero future.

The latest capacity auction follows last week’s T-1 auction, in which SSE Renewables secured provisional agreements for around 46MW of de-rated capacity for the same delivery year.

The UK energy company will deliver the capacity from its battery energy storage system under construction in Salisbury, England and its Seagreen offshore wind farm off the Scottish coast.

SSE Renewables managing director Stephen Wheeler said: “Through this auction process our hydropower assets are continuing to demonstrate their value to Great Britain’s energy market some 80 years after they first brought electricity to the Scottish Highlands.

“Additionally, contract wins for new battery storage projects which we’re currently building in Northern England are supporting our accelerated growth plans through the delivery of our secure 1.2GW pipeline of utility-scale solar and battery projects.”

“In securing over 1.1GW of capacity, our mix of renewable technologies will play important and complementary roles in delivering increasing amounts of renewable energy generation and flexibility to help meet the UK’s climate action goals.”