SkyX systems, an aerial monitoring solutions provider, has partnered with E'Kabel, a multinational supplier of fiber optic sensing technology, to provide oil and gas pipeline operators with a premier inspection and monitoring solution.


Image: A pipeline project. Photo: Image by Arulonline from Pixabay.

Together, SkyX and E’Kabel offer the most comprehensive inspection solution for midstream infrastructure.

E’Kabel’s fiber optic technology monitors temperature and DAS / DVS (Distributed Acoustic / Vibration Sensing) to detect leaks, third-party intrusions, deformations and geotechnical events. SkyX systems layer on top of E’Kabel’s solution to provide aerial monitoring and visual verification for leaks, corrosion, right of way activities and illegal activities.

“Corrosion, human error, mechanical failure and unauthorized digging are the most common cause of pipeline incidents,” said Didi Horn, Chairman and CEO, SkyX. “Through our partnership with E’Kabel, we’re enabling midstream companies to focus on doing what they do best while we inspect and secure the vast network of global midstream infrastructure. A majority of pipelines are in remote areas that can take extended periods of time to reach and inspect. We’re not only helping companies react to incidents much quicker and more effectively, we’re able to help them be proactive by providing access to meaningful data that helps them remain in operation, increase safety standards and stay compliant with local laws and regulations.”

“SkyX and E’kabel share visionary thinking about the future of monitoring strategic assets. We built a strong relationship in order to bring game changing solutions to our customers,” said Romer Chirinos CEO-Founder, Ekabel.

The SkyOne UAV can be deployed from virtually anywhere with no need for launchers, runways or on-site piloting. Engineered for autonomous vertical takeoff and landing, the UAV has the ability to function effectively in a wide range of conditions with a range of at least 65 miles, endurance up to 90 minutes, minimum speed of 40 mph and maximum speed of 75 mph. Furthermore, automated xStations are strategically placed along the infrastructure, providing infinite range.

The partnership marks another milestone for SkyX. Since September, the company closed on a Series B round of funding, expanded operations with the opening of their Houston office and are expected to open a test facility there to provide live demonstrations in the near future.

Source: Company Press Release