The company has been contracted to deliver the full jacket foundation design for the Zhong Neng offshore wind farm


Ramboll to deliver jacket foundation design for Taiwanese offshore wind farm. (Credit: Ramboll Group A/S.)

Ramboll, an engineering company, has been selected by China Steel Power Corporation to deliver full jacket foundation design for the 300MW Zhong Neng offshore wind farm in Taiwan.

The offshore wind farm is being co-developed by China Steel Corporation (CSC) and Copenhange Infrastructure Partners (CIP) and is expected to begin operations in 2024.

The Zhong Neng offshore wind farm will be located about 20km off the west coast of Changhua County in Taiwan.

Under the contract, Ramboll will be responsible for conceptual, FEED and detailed designs for the primary and secondary structure of the jacket foundations, piles and transition pieces including metocean assessment parts along with manufacturing and installation support.

Ramboll department head Andreas Willecke said: “This project highlights the growing importance of renewables on Taiwan’s agenda and we are honoured that China Steel Power Corporation has chosen us to assist with the design development of the jacket foundations.

“Resilient and durable design solutions are essential in the harsh offshore environment of Taiwan and we are excited to share our in-depth and unique expertise.”

Zhong Neng offshore wind farm is adjacent to Chang Fang and Xidao projects

Ramboll had previously provided concept, FEED and detailed design for the offshore jacket foundations at CIP’s Chang Fang and Xidao offshore wind farms.

The Zhong Neng offshore wind farm will be located next to Chang Fang and Xidao projects.

With a combined capacity of 900MW, the three offshore wind farms are expected to generate enough clean energy to power 900,000 Taiwanese households.

In March, Ramboll was chosen by Dominion Energy as the owner’s engineer for the new 2.6GW Coastal Virginia Offshore Wind (CVOW) project in the US.