The company is planning to commence data acquisition in Mahanadi onland blocks in the state of Odisha, in near future


The SW Vespucci multi-purpose seismic data acquisition vessel at sea. (Credit: Shearwater GeoServices)

State-owned oil producer Oil India (OIL) has commenced oil and gas exploration operations in the Andaman Sea.

As part of the work, the firm has deployed SW Vespucci, a multi-purpose seismic data acquisition vessel, for the acquisition of 8,400 line-kilometre (LK) of 2D seismic data on the shallow water blocks Open Acreage Licensing Policy (OALP)-III blocks AN-OSHP-2018/1 & AN-OSHP-2018/2.

The company said that the exploration efforts are being resumed after a long period in Andaman offshore.

OIL intends to intensify its exploration efforts in India

OIL chairman and managing director Sushil Chandra Mishra said that the company intends to intensify its exploration efforts in the country and increase exploration capital expenditure in the coming years.

The company is planning to commence data acquisition in Mahanadi blocks in the state of Odisha in near future.

Additionally, the firm intends to begin exploration drilling campaign in its OALP blocks during 2021-22 and conduct about 15,000 LK of 2D API, 4000km2 of 3D API and drill 66 wells in OALP blocks in the next three to four years.

In a press statement, OIL said: “On the Onshore front, OIL was the first company to commence 2D & 3D seismic data acquisition in any Onshore OALP block in the country and also the first company to complete the committed seismic work programme in an Onshore OALP block.

“This is in line with the vision of Hon’ble Prime Minister of Atmanirbhar Bharat by enhancing domestic exploration and production and reduce dependence on imports.”

Earlier, OIL secured licenses for 21 blocks spread over Assam & Assam Arakan basin, Rajasthan, Mahanadi Onland, Andaman and Kerala-Konkan Offshore basins.

OIL, which has been participating in the OALP rounds to intensify exploration efforts, is anticipating two more blocks under OALP V in Assam.