Nordex new variant the N155/4.5 turbine in the Delta4000 series, to be showcased at Windpower USA in Houston, has been designed for medium wind conditions.


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German wind turbine-maker Nordex said that it will showcase the fourth turbine model in the Delta4000 series, the N155/4.5, at Windpower USA in Houston, Texas, to be held between 20 and 23 of this May.

Nordex stated that this new variant uses the proven mechanical architecture of the Delta4000 series. It has been designed for less complex sites, as it includes a longer glass fiber rotor and a different hub set-up to generate optimum amount of electricity. The turbine generates 4.5MW of electricity and has 155m of rotor diameter.

Nordex to roll out new turbine for growth markets

Nordex said that its new N155/4.5 variant is aimed at growth markets where there are medium wind conditions and without strict requirements on maximum noise levels or high levels of effective turbulence intensity.

The new turbine is expected to suitable for such locations around the globe, but are claimed to fit optimally across much of the US, Latin America, South Africa and Southeast Asia.

Nordex Group CEO José Luis Blanco said: “This product is a logical extension of the Nordex Group’s product strategy to leverage common components while creating optimized derivatives to achieve the lowest cost of energy for specific markets.

“The standard technical platform of the Delta4000 series enables us to continuously develop highly efficient solutions for a wide range of wind regimes and adapting the products to different, very particular market requirements.”

As per Nordex, the new N155/4.5 turbine will be launched initially with tower configurations including 108m steel tower, 120m concrete tower and 164m hybrid tower.

Production of this turbine is expected to start in the later part of next year.

Last week, the company secured an order to supply 74 turbines from its Delta4000 series, including the N149/4.0-4.5 turbines, totaling 350MW, for an Oklahoma-based wind project in the US. The turbines will be delivered and installed in the spring of next year. The order also includes a Premium Service Agreement with a 5-year term.