Swedish energy company Vattenfall has secured final environmental permit for the  Norrbäck and Pauträsk onshore wind farms located in Sweden.

Vattenfall now has all the required permits in place for the Swedish onshore wind projects which have a maximum combined capacity of 530MW.

According to Vattenfall, the Norrbäck and Pauträsk wind farms, collectively represent the largest land-based wind power project for the company to date.

To be developed in Västerbotten, the onshore wind complex will feature 111 wind turbines of up to 200m in height.

Once completed, the Norrbäck and Pauträsk onshore wind power project is anticipated to generate 2TWh of electricity annually to deliver clean energy to nearly 300,000 households.

Vattenfall expects to proceed with in-depth detailed planning of the design of the onshore wind parks as the next step in their development.

The company also plans to make an investment decision in 2025 with an aim to commence construction in the following year.

Vattenfall land-based project development head Marie Kimming said: “The fact that we now have the necessary permits for the Norrbäck and Pauträsk projects is welcome because the need for electricity, not least in northern Sweden, is expected to increase sharply.”

The Norrbäck wind farm, which will be located in Lycksele municipality, has been developed by Vattenfall since 2012.

Vattenfall has held an option to the rights of the Pauträsk project since October 2019. The onshore wind facility will be built in Vilhelmina and Storuman municipalities.

It is being developed by Hemberget Energi since 2009.

Last year, the energy company signed a £963m deal to divest the 4.2GW Norfolk Offshore Wind Zone portfolio in the UK to German energy company RWE.

The portfolio has three offshore wind projects to be developed off the east coast of England, namely Norfolk Vanguard West, Norfolk Vanguard East, and Norfolk Boreas. Each of them has a planned capacity of 1.4GW.