Zevotek, a distributor of consumer products, has introduced its new green product Gung H2O that reduces water use by up to 70% in the average American family home and pays for itself in months with utility bill savings.

The Gung H2O sales strategy calls for a full-scale national marketing campaign with heavy TV, Internet and print media exposure for the water saving marvel to be sold by Home Depot, Ace Hardware Stores and directly to American consumers.

Zevotek CEO Rob Babkie said that Zevotek’s Gung H2O is an innovative, patented eco-easy product that consumers can use to conserve water, save money and help communities under stress by water shortages and price hikes.

"Zevotek’s marketing plan calls for a powerful combination of frequent and well placed TV exposure plus attention grabbing Gung H2O packaging to drive sales at major retail outlets," Babkie said.