Canada’s BC Hydro is proceeding with the preparation of water-use plans for its hydro reservoirs, as a part of an overall review of how provincial water resources are managed. Over the next four years the provincially owned utility will develop water-use plans for all its facilities.

Currently planning is under way for Bridge river/Seton, Campbell river, Cheakamus, Coquitlam/Buntzen, Jordan river, Columbia river, Shuswap Falls/Sugar Lake and Wahleach hydroelectric facilities. Water use plans have already been completed for the Stave river and the Alouette hydroelectric power facilities in the Lower Mainland. BC Hydro is also starting a water use planning process for its hydro facilities at Mica, Revelstoke, Hugh Keenleyside and Arrow Lakes reservoirs.

The planning process will help balance the need for power generation with the need to protect fish habitat. The process will consider other needs such as recreation, flood control, wildlife, heritage conservation, environment and commercial uses.