The government of Victoria, Australia, has announced a new water smart gardens and homes rebate scheme. Under this new water saving rebate, Victorian households will get rebates in autumn 2009 to save water in the garden and around the home. The households need to spend only $50 on one or more eligible water saving products to claim a rebate of $30 off their water bill, until May 31, 2009. The new rebate will help Melburnians to achieve the personal daily target of 155 litres.

The eligible products include mulch, compost/mulch bins, trigger nozzles, drip watering systems, garden tap timers, temporary greywater diverters, wetting/moisture agents, shower timers, flow interrupters for toilets and waterless car cleaning products.

Normally households had to spend $100 on water saving products to claim the $30 rebate. Customers who have previously claimed this rebate can also claim the new rebate.

More than 210,000 Victorians have claimed a rebate under the Brumby Government’s rebate scheme for water saving products such as rainwater tanks and greywater systems.

The Water Smart Gardens and Homes Rebate Scheme includes:

Up to $1000 for installing a large rainwater tank;

$500 for an approved greywater system; and

$150 for a hot water recirculator.

Households can also exchange their old showerhead for a three-star water efficient model for free with their local water authority.

To claim a rebate, including the special autumn rebate offer, customers should complete and submit a claim form from their local water authority with original receipts. Rebates are deducted from customers’ water bills.