Vattenfall Europe Transmission, the German transmission network arm of Vattenfall, is to take legal action against a ruling by the German regulator Bundesnetzagentur, which demands that the company decrease its net tariffs by 18.7%.

Bundesnetzagentur ruled against certain cost items in Vattenfall’s calculations, including the cost for network losses and balancing energy caused by the increased feed-in of wind power.

According to the company’s calculation the tariff decrease would lead up to an annual cost burden of E100 million and plunge Vattenfall Europe Transmission into the red. Last year the transmission business contributed around E80 million to Vattenfall’s earnings.

This ruling of Bundesnetzagentur is without legal basis and will not stand in court, says Klaus Rauscher, chairman of the management board of Vattenfall Europe. The regulator’s calculation is inappropriate and economically unacceptable.