<p>The bill, which won 430 votes, with 226 needed for approval, has been interpreted by many as a move to ensure Russian gas giant Gazprom does not gain control of Ukraine&#0039;s gas pipeline system.<br /><br />Recent reports coming from Russia suggested that Moscow and Kiev might form a consortium deal that would have given Russian energy companies powers over Ukrainian infrastructure. However, this new law would seem to end such a possibility.<br /><br />Over the last 18 months, Moscow has successfully leveraged its natural resources to gain control of smaller neighbors&#0039; transit infrastructures as an aggressive strategy to safeguard the security of its supplies to the west.<br /><br />However, similar moves in the Ukraine now seem unlikely as the new Kiev law bans the restructuring of companies running major pipelines, except to establish enterprises that are 100% owned by the state. It will also be prohibited to alienate the property of pipelines and of national oil and gas company Naftogaz Ukrainy and its subsidiaries.</p>