The UK and French governments have signed a declaration on nuclear energy and also agreed to cooperate on climate change action.

Signed before national leaders’ discussions over the European Union’s ( EU) 2030 energy and climate policy framework, the declaration reiterates the two governments’ shared view that nuclear power has a critical role to play in a cost-effective low carbon transition.

Specifically, the two countries have agreed to constructively engage with the European Commission’s State aid consultation on Hinkley Point C to demonstrate that the project meets state aid rules, maximize opportunities for small medium enterprises (SMEs) in nuclear supply-chains, and also to fund joint training and skills centers.

UK Energy and Climate Change Secretary of State Edward Davey said the partnership between the two countries on nuclear power has already borne fruit, with the government’s agreement with EDF on key commercial terms for an investment contract that would lead to construction of UK’s first new nuclear power station at Hinkley Point in Somerset.

”The declaration we have signed today will further enhance this relationship, allowing us to explore further commercial opportunities to develop nuclear power, and to enhance our expertise and skills in this sector,” Davey added.

The agreement is the latest in a chain of UK-French initiatives on energy and climate policy, including successfully pushing for the European Commission to propose a 40% EU domestic emissions reduction target for 2030.