The United Arab Emirates regulator FANR has published draft operational safety regulations for consultation with industry. Responses are due back to by 26 July.

The 21-page document, Draft Regulation on Operational Safety including Commissioning (FANR-REG-16), covers management, safety culture, emergency operations, training of personnel, quality assessments, plant modifications, periodic safety reviews (required every 10 years), equipment qualifications, and other issues.

For example, although the regulations do not generally allow plant personnel to exceed operational limits and conditions, they do specifically allow them to be broken in an emergency:

"A Licensee may take reasonable action that departs from the OLCs in an Emergency when this action is immediately needed to protect public health and Safety, and the environment and no action consistent with Licence conditions or the OLCs that can provide adequate or equivalent protection that is available."

Here is the link to download the regulations.