NUHOMS canister (Source: AREVA)

AREVA TN has won two new contracts to supply its Transnuclear NUHOMS dry storage canisters and horizontal storage modules to two US utilities, whose names, and the names of the stations where they will be installed, were not published.

Under these contracts totaling more than $20 million, AREVA TN will fabricate and deliver canisters and HSMs to be used for the safe storage of used nuclear fuel.

Spent fuel is loaded into dry shielded containers, which are plugged, lidded, vacuum-dried, then carried on a trailer to an interim spent fuel storage installation (ISFSI), and then inserted into the HSM vault.

The canisters store used fuel assemblies from both pressurized water reactors and boiling water reactors. AREVA TN is a wholly-owned subsidiary of AREVA Inc.

The canisters and HSMs are scheduled to be delivered starting in 2015.

Canisters for the second contract will be built by North Carolina-based manufacturer Columbiana Hi Tech LLC, which was bought by AREVA TN in January 2013. At the time, the company set up systems to protect the intellectual property of other customers GE and NAC International, and assured them that AREVA TN would not receive an advantage in receiving orders.

Photo: NUHOMS canister being loaded on to transfer trailer (Source: AREVA)