Table 2: Green lubricant choices

Use Current product Green options Advantages
Bearings on electric motors and pumps Lithium thickened mineral oil based grease Synthetic oil with a complex grease thickener Less torque in winter and less oil loss in summer. Possibly longer relubrication intervals. Can also be more biodegradable
Motor oil in vehicles or equipment 10W30 mineral oil 5W30 and/or recycled mineral oil Energy and fuel savings and possibly less wear with a high VI oil. Can be part recycled oil
Transformer Mineral oil Synthetic ester based fluids Readily biodegradable, better fire resistance and low sheen
Gearboxes AGMA 8 mineral oils AGMA 8 synthetic PAO oil Energy savings, potentially longer service lives and less need for heating in winter and cooling in summer
Wicket gates Mineral oil based grease Canola oil based Base fluid is vegetable oil, which is readily biodegradable, less ecotoxic and low sheen
Wire Ropes Asphaltic solvent cut back mineral oils Vegetable or ester based oils and calcium sulphate thickeners Less polynuclear aromatics and less solvent. Plus can have better corrosion protection