Table 1: Main features of the Sardar Sarovar project

Source : SSNNL

Length of the concrete-gravity dam 1210m
Maximum height above deepest foundation level 163m
Top reservoir level 146.5m
Catchment areas of river above the dam-site 88,000km2
Live storage capacity 58Bm3
Length of reservoir 214km
Maximum width of reservoir 16.1km
Average width 1.77km
Spillway Gates
Chute Spillway Seven gates (18.3m x 18.3m)
Service Spillway 23 gates (18.3m x 16.8m)
Spillway Capacity 84,949m3/sec
Full Supply Level (FSL) at H.R 91.44m
Length up to Gujarat-Rajasthan border 458km
Base width in head reach 73.01m
Full Supply Depth in head reach 7.6m
Design discharge capacity
(i) In head reach 1133m3/sec
(ii) At Gujarat-Rajasthan border 71m3/sec
Number 38
Aggregate length 2585km
Total length of the network 66,000km
Annual irrigation 1.8M ha
River-Bed power house 1200MW (6 x 200MW)
Canal-Head power house 250MW (5 x 50 MW)