Sundance Square in Fort Worth, Texas has agreed to purchase an estimated 6.3 million kWh of green power from Green Mountain Energy Company for its commercial, residential, entertainment, and retail development that encompasses 35 city blocks.

Sundance Square’s green power purchase exceeds the US Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Green Power Partnership purchase requirements. By purchasing the renewable energy, Sundance Square will offset an estimated 8.5 million pounds of carbon dioxide (CO2). That is the equivalent of taking more than 760 cars off the road for one year, or the amount of CO2 absorbed by over 516,000 trees in one year.

Johnny Campbell, president and CEO of Sundance Square, said: Through this partnership with Green Mountain, Sundance Square is committing to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions. We are committed to sustainability as well as educating the people that live, shop and work at Sundance Square about the positive impact that renewable energy has on the environment.

Paul Thomas, CEO of Green Mountain Energy Company, added: Green Mountain has the best value proposition in the market. Our company was founded with an environmental mission: to change the way power is made. We were green before green was cool.