The American municipality of Putnam (Connecticut) has awarded a contract to Suez to manage and operate its water and waste water system.

The $30m contract will run for the next 10 years and will have a two-time renewal options for five years.

Suez will manage the wastewater treatment facility, which has the capacity 29,000 m3 per day, the wastewater collection system, 10 sewage pump stations and 28.6 miles of sewer lines.

Suez will also operate and maintain the water system of Putnam that includes 10 wells that offer 4,300 m3 per day to the community, two storage tanks, about 250 fire hydrants, 750 valves and 38 miles of water main.

The town of Putnam is also planning to invest more than $40m in its water infrastructure and will benefit from Suez’s technological and management expertise..

Putnam Water Pollution Control Authority chairman Jim Shaw said: "With that type of major investment, it is imperative that we take excellent care of it."

"Suez has the capability to efficiently and effectively meet all of our expectations and this partnership is a proven way to operate efficiently, ensure adequate water supplies, achieve compliance with environmental rules, enhance water service provision, and improve our water and wastewater infrastructure."

Suez group senior executive VP in charge of international division Marie-Ange Debon said: "The operational and environmental stewardship of SUEZ will ensure tangible benefits for the town and its residents for a very long time.

"Our commitment to help with the modernization of infrastructure will enable the municipality to guarantee high-quality essential services for all of its’ people.

As part of the project, Suez will install smart meters within the first 18 months. This smart meter technology will offer a reliable and permanent way to monitor water cycle.