Smartcool Systems Inc. (Smartcool), a Canada-based manufacturer of Smartcool Energy Saving Module, has received an order for 200 ECO(3) units from Smartcool Systems SEA Pte. Ltd. (Smartcool SEA), a distributor of the company. The new distribution agreement allows exclusivity for Smartcool's new ECO(3). In order to uphold exclusivity for the ECO(3) distribution rights, Smartcool SEA has decided to purchase a minimum of 2,000 units per year.

Smartcool SEA has made significant inroads in the Philippines representing our ESM(TM) product and we are very excited about this new distribution agreement for the ECO(3)(TM) , stated George Burnes, president and chief executive officer of Smartcool. Smartcool SEA has developed a strong sales and technical team that has allowed for widespread sales and marketing in this region with complete technical support. We are extremely comfortable with this arrangement and confident that the economic and environmental benefits delivered by the ECO(3)(TM) will allow Smartcool SEA to exceed their expectations.

The ECO(3) is a product specially developed as an easily installed secondary controller for air conditioning and refrigeration systems. It offers extensive cost savings and environmental benefits by optimizing the energy efficiency of air conditioning and refrigeration systems with one or two compressors. These cooling units are used in millions of buildings worldwide.

We have seen great acceptance of the ECO(3)(TM) in this region after our own due diligence testing results, states David Verlee, President of Smartcool SEA Pte. Ltd. Return on investment is the key driver in this region and the ECO(3)(TM) delivers. The product is quickly and easily installed and generates considerable savings immediately.

Single and dual compressor systems are used widely throughout Asia.

Many sectors including telecom, convenience stores, supermarkets and restaurant chains are realizing that energy savings resulting from the installation of our products will provide significant cost savings and environmental benefits, added Verlee. We are confident that the ECO(3)(TM) will be very beneficial to the growth of our business.