The Slovak Nuclear Regulator (ÚJD) must reopen the licensing process for the construction of units 3&4 of the Mochovce nuclear plant, to take into account comments from "all parties." Construction can continue at the site, pending a new licensing decision.

The Supreme Court of the Slovak Republic annulled the construction licenses for Mochovche 3&4 following a legal challenge from Greenpeace, which claimed the regulator had breached the licensing procedure by excluding the civil society organization from the process.

ÚJD must now start a new procedure and also communicate to all parties, including Greenpeace, on the resumption of a consultation process.

The Slovak regulator said in a statement that it would allow Greenpeace access to over 100,000 pages of documentation on the construction of Mochovce 3&4 ‘as soon as technically possible.’

It urged Greenpeace to submit its comments and opinions on the dossiers by 30 November 2013. The documents will be available to other parties from mid-October, with comments expected by the same date.

The construction of the VVER-440 nuclear power plants can continue pending a new decision by the regulator ‘for reasons of imminent danger of irreparable harm and the public interest.’

Plant owner Slovenské Elektrárne said that construction would continue as planned.


Photo: Two units are currently in operation at Mochovce