John Merlino, president of Sirius Integrator strives to remove the frequent labor involved with recharging 12v & 24v batteries for remote devices and to reduce ‘Lead Acid Battery’ pollution. These fuel cells are quiet, light weight, and are suited for many remote, stationary, and mobile security configurations.

SFC EFOY fuel cells are maintenance-free and provide autonomy (days to months) for physical and homeland security, police surveillance, event security, traffic management, mobile offices, observation (manned or unmanned), GPS tracking and industrial communications, sensors, and other remote power applications.

The EFOY is fueled by methanol and emits only water and a small amount of carbon dioxide. The EFOY are used both indoors and out. Power can be accessed when and whereever it is needed, since the cell automatically recharges the battery when necessary and switches into sleep mode when its job is done.

The EFOY Pro Series Fuel Cells can be used standalone or in a solar hybrid configuration and as primary or secondary remote power. Sirius offers the EFOY ProCube to protect against harsh weather and vandalism, it is a ready to use, fully integrated power solution if the EFOY is planned for outdoor use . The SFC EFOY Fuel Cell’s methanol cartridges which are available in 5, 10, & 28 liter cartridges, can be replaced when fuel runs low without interruption and can be remotely monitored with optional GPS tracking and Google Maps integration.