As per the deal, Silicon Labs will provide EZRadioPRO transceivers, which will be used to power the wireless signaling into the mesh networks that Robulink has designed into their meters.

Robulink supplies architecture featuring wireless smart meters, wireless aggregators and back-end energy management systems to help utilities implement advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) systems.

RobuNet mesh network products, such as the RDDMRE4 meter communication unit and the RCJP242R wireless data collector, integrate Silicon Labs’ EZRadioPRO transceivers.

Silicon Labs said the advanced RobuNet products provide RF links and intelligent mesh network routing for different data communications-enabled smart meters, data collectors and aggregators in AMI networks deployed in the field.

Robulink president Elvis Li said Silicon Labs’ EZRadioPRO family simplifies the design, enhances the survivability and reduces the time to market for the company’s RobuNet mesh network products.

"EZRadioPRO transceivers provide very high performance in terms of RF link budget and adjacent channel rejection, which are critical for Robulink to implement frequency hopping and self-forming network technologies for AMI and wireless sensor network applications," Li said.

Silicon Labs vice president and general manager of embedded systems Diwakar Vishakhadatta said, "Our EZRadioPRO transceivers provide a very good fit for Robulink’s RobuNet portfolio by enabling them to develop highly reliable, scalable and flexible wireless smart metering products optimized for China’s rapidly emerging smart grid and also for export markets."